Technical support as a service

We have an in-house support organization that serves various clients and technologies
Technical support as a function spans across multiple disciplines. People, expertise, processes, and tools must work together to produce a service with predictable service levels and costs

For some clients, it can be cost-effective to purchase this as a service. We have an in-house support organization that serves various clients and technologies

    • Our services can be used as internal support for the company's own employees on the IT platform or as external support for the company's products for its customers and partners
    • All our consultants work from our service desk in Norway. Our employees maintain a high level of expertise and are experienced users of various ticketing systems and various types of applications commonly used in a support center. We have core competence in a range of standard solutions from major technology providers like Microsoft, AWS, and Zendesk. All our consultants hold one or more technical certifications. Additionally, we develop specific expertise in the client's technology when providing support for customer-specific solutions and technologies
    • We can provide the service including a ticketing platform, or we can work within the client's platform
    • We can deliver different levels of support functions and varying degrees of collaboration with the client's own resources. We will operate as an integrated part of the client's support stack and represent the client in all interactions with the customer
    • We customize the service to your company, ensuring that branding, touchpoints, availability, opening hours, response times, and service levels align with your company's needs

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