Great advice is key to great solutions
Complit delivers consulting services that ensure our clients' solutions provide the desired value. We are the customer's advisor, offering both technical, operational, and strategic guidance.

Our goal is to contribute to the customer choosing the right solution, ensuring it is implemented in a manner that aligns with the customer's prerequisites, and managing the solution effectively after it has been put into production. We have a practical approach to the field and consistently focus on ensuring that things are feasible for both us and the customer. We work with various levels of customer involvement, allowing you to choose the degree of assistance you require.

  • Selection support for new technical solutions
  • Needs analysis and workshops for mapping workflows and processes.
  • Execution of Proof of Concept
  • Review of the existing technical and operational environment
  • Strategic advisory for customer service and service desk functions
  • Setup and implementation of technical solutions
  • Restructuring of existing technical solutions
  • Setup and implementation of outsourced support or customer service
  • Integrations and development of custom apps in Zendesk
Training for the customer's organization
  • Management and optimization
  • Ongoing technical management of Zendesk and customer service environments
  • Planning and execution of technical changes and optimizations
  • Reporting, insights, and analysis
  • Planning and execution of operational optimizations

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