About us

We specialize in support, service desk, and customer service

Complit AS

We specialize in support, service desk, and customer service. We provide both technical solutions that customers use on their own and ongoing services for customers who want to outsource all or part of the service. We have extensive experience and have worked with many medium-sized and large companies in both the public and private sectors.

Complit is a part of Crayon Group ASA, which is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, with colleagues in more than 40 countries. We have a technical and practical approach to the field, ensuring that we help our customers implement the plans we create together. We exclusively work with the best solutions in the market, and we ensure that our customers receive innovative solutions from leading technology providers.

Facts about us
  • Specialists in customer service and technical support with over 20 years of experience in the field
  • A part of Crayon Group ASA
  • Staffed service desk for users in 30+ countries
  • Emergency services 24/7
  • Zendesk Partner
  • Simplifai Parter
  • Talkdesk partner


Our employees span across various fields, and we have developers, architects, consultants, and technical advisors on our team. At Complit, we have consultants with extensive experience from numerous challenging projects.


Stig Carlsen

+47 976 41 726
[email protected]

Sondre Pedersen

+47 941 58 101
[email protected]

Mari Bøckman

Senior Project Manager
+47 922 66 876
[email protected]

Christian Fagerhus

Senior CX Advisor
+47 464 02 498
[email protected]

Lillian Løvliseter

Senior CX Advisor
+47 472 61 626
[email protected]

Sina Shahinian

Senior CX Designer
+47 941 81 230
[email protected]

Lars Ørnlo

Senior Consultant
+47 417 62 024
[email protected]

Kim Tønnesen

Senior Consultant
+47 452 12 857
[email protected]

Evelyn Martinsen 

Senior Consultant
+47 992 26 491
[email protected]

Henning Ringerike

Senior Consultant
+47 959 91 232
[email protected]

Career in Complit?

Vi are always looking for great minds. Get in touch if you are interested in working with us.